2 Day Flash Sale! Happy Sunshine!

2 Day Flash Sale! Happy Sunshine!

The days are *finally* getting warmer in Seattle, and I just can’t wait to wear flip flops on a daily basis and leave my umbrella at home! 😉


A quick note: I’ve been working on a blog post that I feel is very important to share, so please expect to receive it over the next few days.

Now, for the EXCITING News!

In honour of the sunshine, I felt inspired to offer a 2-Day FLASH Sale for 2 of my programs!

Should you feel a nudge to join me in any of the programs below, you’ll receive my FAVE hand lotion Intensive Hand Therapy FREE (Retails $15.90).

Intensive Hand TherapyFolks have been raving about this hand lotion, as it’s non-greasy, works very well, is travel friendly, and doesn’t contain any parabens or formaldehyde releasing agents.

It’s perfect for sandal season and treating dry heels (and hands!) 😀

AND! Since it’s our 1st Annual World Service Week with my product partner, USANA Health Sciences, I will be donating a bottle of children’s vitamins, the “Usanimals”,  to the Children’s Hunger Fund for every order placed.

This offer ends this Friday, May 26th at 6PM PST/9PM EST.

Please reach out with any questions!

Have a beautiful upcoming long weekend, and happy sunshine <3

Lots of love,

Michelle XO


Beach Bum Lifestyle Program

Flexible Start Date

Let’s welcome summer by giving our body a daily dose of love by fueling our cells with a healthy breakfast smoothie a day.

This program is packed with both macro + micro nutrients to ensure you have all the energy all day long to support your summer activities. Plus, we’ll be getting physically fit with our daily strength building challenge.

A typical day on this program:

  • Enjoy a breakfast smoothie (included)

    • Take your #1 rated vitamins/minerals + fishoil

  • Have a mid-morning snack (recipes + ideas included)

  • Delicious healthy lunch (recipe ideas included)

  • Eat a yummy afternoon snack

  • Have a good dinner

    • Take your #1 rated vitamins/minerals + fishoil

  • Stay hydrated

  • Move your body – go for a walk, do some squats, get your heart rate going!

Results you may experience:

  • Curb your carb cravings Essential Fatty Acids

  • Boost your energy

  • Sleep more soundly

  • Strengthen your body inside and out

  • Boost your immune system

  • Improve your skin and digestive health

What’s Included:

  • 28 days of breakfast smoothie protein shake (gluten free; choose from plant, whey, or soy)

  • 28 days of pharmaceutical grade #1 rated multi-vitamin/mineral and fish oil

  • 14 smoothie flavour packs – for when you’re pinched for time

  • Beach Bum Lifestyle Guide (includes recipes for snacks, meals, daily nutrition plan)

  • Smoothie Recipe Guide that your taste buds will jump for

  • Daily fitness guide to keep your body strong

  • Private FB group that’s super active and supportive

  • Email support + check-ins

  • And additional tips and resources during the 28 days to keep you motivated

Investment: $167 USD + tax/shipping
(with FREE Hand Lotion and donation to Children’s Hunger Fund if ordered by Friday, May 26th 6PM PST/9PM EST)

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Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.42.19 PM


Self-care –> Self-love –> Self-compassion:  important aspects to help us stay resilient in the world.

Self-Care Society a beautiful community dedicated to guiding women worldwide to be their best, feel + look absolutely radiant & create precious space for themselves.

What makes the Self-Care Society so special?

We’ll be covering all elements to support a healthy, happy, and holistic self-care plan, such as;

  • Simple, vibrant nutrition

  • At-home spa pampering

  • Detoxing your personal energy, home, relationships, and beyond

  • Body movement + fitness

  • Beauty sleep Sleep

  • Plus so much more…

What’s Included:

  • A digital booklet with 101 ideas + tips to self-care

  • A weekly self-care planner to help you create (and stick to) your perfect self-care plan

  • Bring the spa to you and create your own sanctuary:

    • Luscious night time cream*

    • A gorgeous face masque*

    • An exfoliation scrub*

  • The #1 rated nutritional supplement to fuel your cells + provide boundless energy

  • A gentle, safe and effective melatonin supplement for a deep, restorative beauty sleep

  • Email support + check-ins

  • Weekly Facebook Live calls from variety of topics, including meditation, nutrition

    • We’ve got life coaches, holistic nutritionists, lifestyle mentors, reiki masters, yoga teachers, to support your journey

Investment: $139 USD + tax/shipping
(with FREE Hand Lotion and donation to Children’s Hunger Fund if ordered by Friday, May 26th 6PM PST/9PM EST)

*also free of parabens and formaldehyde releasing agents

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