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The 21-Day Activate Your Inner Leader Challenge is fueled by self-worth and soul-care, plus a little extra oomph to bring out your inner fire.

When we think of soul-care, we immediately think of cozy, comfort zone, relaxing activities.

Indeed, part of this challenge includes that, but we’ll take it up a notch, because leaders don’t hide.

During this 21-Day Challenge, you’ll be invited and asked to STEP UP, and SHOW UP.

Yes, you might be uncomfortable, and think “Oh…what will people think?”

(psst…most people are focused on themselves)

These challenges are designed to expand your creativity, abundance mindset, and explore what’s really possible for you.


You’ll feel alive and exhilarated by the end. It’ll be worth it.

Why do this challenge? 

It’s easy to simply go through the routines of the day-day.

Wake up, have breakfast, go to work, leave work,  hit the gym, eat, TV, sleep.

Rinse and Repeat.

Next thing you know, 30 years have gone by, and you wonder, “Where did life go?”

Not to mention, the layers of stress from traffic, work pressures, deadlines, and dealing with all types of personalities and relationships in life, increases our emotional burden and impacts our health.

My goal is to help you not ask the question  “Where did life go?” when you’re 65 years old, and instead, live an abundant, luscious life, where you feel ALIVE and are THRIVING.

It’s time to shake things up a bit, and play in a different way that you haven’t done before. Or perhaps you have, but not consistently, and you’ve fallen off the bandwagon of nourishing yourself.

This 21-Day challenge is a way to put yourself on your agenda again (or for the first time).


During our challenge, you’ll be asked to live more mindfully – with intention and do a little something every day to nourish the leader that lives inside you.

Perhaps the challenge for one day will simply be to:

Meditate before getting out of bed.


Turn OFF your phone by 9pm and leave it OUTSIDE your bedroom before heading to bed.


Implement the 5s Rule, and be the first to speak up and share your voice in front of a group of people, with a microphone in hand.


We’ll also start creating boundaries so that you’re truly putting yourself first.

I felt compelled to create this 21-Day challenge because personally taking action on areas that put me outside my comfort zone has shifted the way I show up in life.

I feel more energized, alive, and more courageous be bold and be seen.

For example, showing up in public and to my former corporate job with face paint on felt EDGY. And yet, it felt so good to stand out from the pack by simply expressing another side of myself.

I stood out, and in doing so, sparked conversations, received compliments, got hilarious reactions, and was seen in a different light.  This was something I would have never dared to do a few years ago, because I had the fear of “What would people think?“.

Finally, I got fed up with the fear of being judged.

I had to STOP giving power to this worry.

I’ve come to learn that different is good. Being a disruptor can be good.

It causes people to wake up from their own slumber, and helps them re-evaluate their habits and lifestyle. 

Part of this process is also recognizing and honouring your self-worth, and remembering that your needs are worthy of attention. 


Since I’m in the camp of “leadership has no hierarchy”, I will be practicing alongside with you, and doing the daily challenges myself, and will share them with you.

Yup. We’ll be doing it TOGETHER 😉

We’re still in early 2018.

It’s time to stop playing small, eliminate our bullsh*t excuses of why we can’t, and


21 Inner Leader Challenge IG

This 21-Day Activate Your Inner Leader Challenge is all about that — remembering that you’re worthy of your attention, investment, and that “True Leaders Don’t Put Themselves Last™”

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Here are the details:

  • Official start date of the 21-Day Challenge: Monday Feb 19th (Monday) – March 11th (Sunday)

  • Every morning starting Monday Feb 19th, you’ll receive a phone text in the morning with 1 challenge a day (for 21 days) around the theme of self-worth, soul-care, “lead your ship” (aka leadership)

  • You’ll also receive in the mail a box of handpicked gifts that I LOVE to support you in boosting your energy, mood, and encourage your soul-care practice

  • As a bonus and sampler experience, I’m offering a FREE 3-Day Mini-Inner Leader Experience starting on Thursday Feb 15th, and will send you mini-challenges for 3 days

  • On the evening of Thursday Feb 15th, I’ll host a New Moon Ceremony to activate the intention setting to help kick off this experience

  • Again, the 21-Day Challenge will officially start on Monday Feb 19th through Sunday March 11th

I’m excited to see WHAT can happen during our 21 days together.

So, ready to let your inner leader shine?


Investment: $99 USD

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1. Can I register for the FREE 3-Day Mini Leadership Experience first?

A: Yes, you can register for the FREE 3-Day Mini Leadership Experience first before committing to the full 21-Day Challenge. Click here to join! The last day to sign up for the full 21-Day experience will be on Sunday Feb 18th.

2. Will the New Moon (Lunar New Year) Ceremony be recorded if I can’t make it live?

A: It will be recorded for those who sign up for the full 21-Day experience. So if you register for the 21-Day by Feb 18th, you will receive the recording

3. “Challenge” sounds scary. Will I be asked to do anything illegal?

A: All challenges are an invitation to explore and play, and you’ll not be asked to do anything illegal. And nothing specific like jumping out of a plane!

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