3 Ways to Activate Your Inner Leader

3 Ways to Activate Your Inner Leader

3 ways to activate your inner leader


The topic of “leadership has been on my mind a LOT lately.

In fact, my theme for 2018 is “Fierce Leadership”.

I felt a bit nervous claiming that as my theme for the year, so I knew it was a sign I was in the right direction.


For myself, the image of a ‘leader’ has changed a lot over the past decade.

In the past, I thought of a leader as someone who was professionally dressed in a fancy pant suit, speaking on stage to a large audience. They were polished, perfect, and embodied a more masculine energy.


But over the years, the image of a leader has shifted for me.

I’ve come to believe that we’re all leaders.

We’re all leaders of our own lives, and although it can be hard to claim responsibility for everything in our lives, it’s way better than being victims of our circumstances, making excuses of why this and that happened.


I heard once that you’re not a leader unless you have followers.


I disagree.


Because the first person you need to lead is YOURSELF.


Hence the term INNER Leader.


I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase: “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.


Brené Brown has shared in her work that our ability to love others is determined by the capacity of how much we can love ourselves.

In other words, we can’t love someone more than we love ourselves.

Some people might disagree, but the evidence is there, and the behaviour around this happens subconsciously.

It’s partially because of how we treat ourselves, and our actions are modeled to those around us.

Children, especially, will pick up on our behaviour, thoughts and actions, more than what we tell them. And if most of our inner talk is negative, it will show.


So, leading ourselves is priority #1. Inner Leader


Here are 3 ways to activate your inner leader:


1. Call Your Energy Back

This is important. So often, we are not present.

Our minds are ruminating on events, conversations, interactions from the past, or we capitulate into the future.

In doing so, we scatter our energetic imprint all over (through time and space), so we’re not actually embodied in the present moment. It’s energetically draining.

To call back your energy:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Get grounded: Feel your feet flat on the ground, or sit up tall and feel your sit bones on your seat. 
  3. Take a few deep conscious breaths, letting your ribcage expand out and back through the sides
  4. Now, see in your mind where your energy is scattered. Are you thinking about work, a recent event, or a conversation you had with someone earlier? 
  5. Imagine bubbles of light, that represent your energy, from all these past or future events you’ve been thinking about, float up into the air
  6. Like a magnet, imagine those bubbles flowing back to you 
  7. Let your scattered energy re-merge back with your body. Keep repeating this until you feel fully 100% here and in the present moment
  8. Take a few more deep breaths
  9. Open your eyes
  10. Notice how you feel now compared to before you called your energy back

2. Get in your body:

The fastest way to change and shift the energy when things are feeling stale and funky is to get IN your body!

Many Qi Gong traditions begin by gently tapping and shaking the body:

  1. Gently use 1 hand to tap your opposite arm and hand. Then switch.
  2. Use both hands and tap all over your body, being gentle with your tapping. Tap your face (gently), head, armpits, back, pelvis, inner/out legs, feet. Everywhere!
  3. This helps to awaken your senses, circulate blood flow, and supports your lymphatic system
  4. Then, shake your whole body! Like you mean it! Don’t forget to make weird noises through your throat too, as you shake. It’s fun, hilarious, and feels silly, but this exercises your diaphragm and is cathartic! 😉

 3. Hydrate your cells with fresh, filtered water w/ a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt.

We’re not drinking enough water. Our cells are dehydrated. Water is essential for our cells to deliver nutrients to all areas of our body, and help flush out waste no longer needed in our system.

Simply drinking water will help our minds and body be more clear.



Does the concept of “inner leader” intrigue you? 


This is something I’m VERY passionate about.


I truly believe that when we take ownership of our lives, through nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and well-being, we’ll show up as strong, radiant selves and we become true leaders that our future generation will want to model after. 


Our confidence will inevitably ELEVATE because we’ll be more centered and grounded in our decision making, showing up as our unique selves.


It’s time to really step into the driver seat of our own lives.



To that end, I’ve created a new program to guide this process!


21 Day Activate Your Inner Leader


Join me in the 21-Day Activate Your Inner Leader Challenge.


More details this HERE.


The Challenge begins Monday, February 19th, and runs through Sunday, March 11th.


You’ll receive a gift of some of my favourite soul-care products in the snail mail, that will help you stay grounded, focused, and nourished – emotionally and physically.


To get a taste of the 21-Day Challenge, I’ll be offering a FREE 3-Day Mini Inner Leader Experience starting Thursday, Feb 15th – Saturday Feb 17th.

Sign up here for the free challenge.

This will include a live New Moon / Lunar New Year Ritual to support the intention setting of activating our inner leader.


The Ritual will be recorded for those who enroll in the full 21-Day Challenge.


Join me and the other women who have already signed up!


To your amazing self,

Michelle xo


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