Hello lovely!Michelle Wong

I’m Michelle Wong. I’m currently still working in corporate as my main gig. One of the biggest realizations that I’ve learned from being in corporate is that it’s taught me to tune in and look inward at my life and at the bigger picture.

Through my own experiences and journey, my main revelation is that we all have a choice of how we want to live our own life.

No one is ‘stuck’ at her job if she doesn’t want to be.

Growing up in a Chinese culture, I was taught to study hard and work hard in school. I was taught to be obedient, and get good grades so that when I graduate I’d have a great job at a great company. I was also taught to keep my mouth shut, and don’t ruffle feathers.

In short, I was taught to ‘follow the rules’.

I understand how it feels to be trapped doing something you don’t love, but feeling like the other alternatives are scary and not possible.

But I’m also learning to trust myself, and learning to making different choices that are against the cultural normal. Choices where my logical mind says ‘no’, but my heart says ‘YES’.

For me – I’m constantly learning to live outside the box — one that’s in alignment with my heart, and admit it’s not always easy.

I love to dance. I love Kombucha and books.

I also run a business where I make residual income with highest quality supplements and creating leaders.

I also love to travel.

When I look around at corporate people — doing the 9-6, working the daily grind, hitting rush hour traffic, putting up with their bosses at work, there seems to be an underlying belief that there is no other way.
This is what life is about.

It can be that way if you want it to be. But it doesn’t have to be.

This blog is all about the journey and lessons from stepping into a more authentic life: the nonlinear path.


Random facts about me:

  • I talk to myself a lot. Like, literally have conversations with myself…usually when no one is around. I justify that this is okay because I’m an only child.
  • Fave movie: Dangerous Beauty. I also really love Godfather I (except for the horse’s head scene).
  • Books I’ve read over and over and over and over again: Anne of Green Gables series, Outrageous Openness, Eat Pray Love, To Kill a Mockingbird
  • If I can only recommend 1 book, it would be Outrageous Openness
  • Fave TV show – Parenthood
  • I love to dance
    • When I was about 6 yo, one of the mom’s from my dance class told my aunt that that girl on stage had rhythm. That girl she was referring to was me. My aunt told my mom afterwards, and my mom waited until I was past 30 to share this info with me. And to think, I could have up to be a professional dancer!
  • I love Qoya (www.loveqoya.com) and love the freedom and connection it creates in the body
  • I’ve taught STOTT Pilates for 10 years
  • Yoga rocks my world
  • For my 6th birthday I received a pink diary with a lock on it. I’ve been journaling ever since
  • I like being in the shade — you’ll see me w/ my parasol (or a hat) if it’s hot + sunny out
  • My fave ice cream flavour is pistachio. Although, I’d settle for cherry or mint chocolate chip as well 😛
  • I also love fries — truffle fries
  • I also dig kale, arugula, quinoa, Kombucha, and take wicked ass vitamins
  • I’m known to ask “is it organic?” when folks offer me fruit or veggies to eat
  • I can’t do spicy food. From a spicy scale of 1-5, I chose 0
  • Energy medicine turns me on
  • I wear mismatched coloured socks
  • I add “u”‘s to words like colour, neighbour, favourite…because I’m Canadian
  • But I live in the U.S.
  • And I was born on the 4th of July. (Oh the paradox.)
  • I’m a feminist and proud of it
  • I’m all about freedom
  • I have 1 year of naturopathic + Classical Chinese medicine schooling under my belt (I decided to take a different path)
  • I love to learn
    • I trained at the Institute of Psychology of Eating
    • Am a nutrition advisor through one of the world’s premier functional medical institutes
    • I am 200hr certified as a yoga teacher
  • I studied Systems & Information Engineering in undergrad
  • Some days, when I’m outside in nature, I get this overwhelming sense of gratitude. It’s a privilege to be here on earth.