How is the Beach Bum Lifestyle + vitamins spiritual?!

How is the Beach Bum Lifestyle + vitamins spiritual?!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Beach Bum Lifestyle program this past week, and asking myself:

“Why am I doing Beach Bum?” and “Why do I put so much effort into being an ambassador for health products?”

As someone who loves to learn and focuses on personal growth, over the past 10 years or so, my spiritual journey has grown. 


My close circle of friends are of the spiritual type. We often talk about astrology, yoga, meditation, energy medicine, connection to earth, past-lives, and a more feminine way of being. 


Many of these are topics are ‘things’ that we can’t see, but can only be felt. When I think about the stars and the cosmos and how we’re all connected, it’s requires introspection and deeper questioning and exploration. This type of work pulls me in, and I can spend hours delving into these juicy topics.


So when I look at my work with vitamins, minerals, and then Beach Bum Lifestyle program, it’s easy to scratch my head as ask, well:

“Shouldn’t I be putting together a meditation course instead?!?”


Because on the outside, vitamins + minerals, and a topic like “Beach Bum Lifestyle” doesn’t look spiritual. 


I mean, they’re not like essential oils that can be used to rub on sometimes temples after a yoga or Qoya class. The vitamins don’t necessarily smell flowery or whatever. I mean, they’re vitamins.  

 But here’s the thing.

Our body is spiritual.

We only have one body, and it houses our soul. Our soul requires a body in order to exist here on earth. So it’s our duty and responsibility to take good care of her. Our butt, our joints, our stomach, our skin, our hair, our muscles, our heart…it’s ALL SPIRITUAL. 

Fit + Fab 

The more we can take good care of our bodies and help her thrive, the more our soul can thrive. The more energy we have, the more our soul can experience, live, and feel and grow. 


All this is done through our body. Through our cells, and their ability to sense.


It’s what embodiment is all about. To be embodied, is to BE IN YOUR BODY. To move, to experience, to be physically strong, and to thrive. She is designed for that.


She also needs fuel and energy in order to do that.

Including: vitamins, minerals, whole foods, movement, kindness (especially to ourselves), joy, self-care, self-love. All the above to have her cells be nourished, and be fully radiant.


This is all part of the spiritual path.

So it’s why I’m personally doing Beach Bum. Beach Bum + Michelle

I’ve been disconnected with my body over the past few months. I’ve adopted some habits that don’t serve me, and my body was sending me signs that I needed to shift and make changes. 


It’s why I offer these programs to you too. Because I believe in them. 

It’s why I also offer other programs on self-care, and getting off the sugar roller coaster, because all these programs bring us back to our relationship with our bodies and thus, ourselves.


You can learn more about Beach Bum Lifestyle Program HERE


We officially start next Friday, July 7th, and folks can join all summer long, as it’s really a lifestyle, not a diet.

But the Beach Bum kit is designed for 30 days.


A bunch of my fellow coaches and I chipped in $$ to offer some sweet prizes for participants, and the 1st prize has been announced! 😉

To learn more about Beach Bum or to join, you can click HERE. Or you can contact me for questions.

Follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram, as I’m committed to showing up fully for it!

Wishing you a beautiful holiday weekend! 

Happy Canada Day, and Happy Independence Day!


Lots of love,

Michelle XO


P.S. I believe in the products we’ve chosen, and the quality and science behind them. Many products and brands don’t walk their talk when it comes to manufacturing quality + standards. So it’s why I intentionally chose this specific company to partner with, and include them in my programs.


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