Did you notice it?

Did you notice it?

I was in yoga class a few weeks ago, and while in easy side twist, I looked outside the studio and noticed that the sky was a pretty deep blue. Although time was past 7:30pm, it was still light out.

A sensation of deep appreciation and subtle urgency came to me. We are moving towards longer days. In no time, July will be here, and then, the days will start getting shorter.
Take it all in now.

As we trek along towards summer, time is expanding.

Don’t let this pass you by without noticing.

Appreciate this, versus trying to hurry it all up to “get there” (aka. the finish line…which, does it ever finish, unless it’s our death bed?).

So, every day, as I walk home from work, I’m inhaling the longer days with pure elation. Fully embracing the rhythm of nature.

Have you really noticed and fully taken in how our days are getting longer?
What does that feel like in your body?

Happy Easter & Passover! <3

Michelle xo

Camp Souldust

Camp SoulDust

 Let’s tell stories by the camp fire and make s’mores!

What: Camp Souldust
When: Friday 4.21.17-4.23.17
Where: Camp Colman (just 1 hour from Seattle)
Longbranch, WA

Next weekend, I’ll be away at a Camp Souldust, a co-ed retreat for adults who are kids are heart! I’m so excited to be a camp counsellor! Go Cabin Hummingbird!

If you like the idea of traditional summer camp goodness of silliness and shenanigans, mixed with spiritual topics like charkas, spiritual yoga, animal totems and more, then this is the place for you.

For more latest updates, including the menu that’s made my mouth water just by reading it visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1830404777178580/
For official campsite website details, visit: http://camp.souldust.com/

I’ll also be leading an experiential 1-hour workshop on “Living your Nonlinear Path”.

Wanna join in on the fun? Reply back (or email me: michelle [at] nonlinearpath [dot] com) for a secret discount code. 😉


 Reclaim Your Radiance

AND…the following weekend: Saturday, April 29th, I’m “dancing in my party-pants elated” to announce I’ll be co-hosting a workshop called: “Reclaim Your Radiance”.

Reclaim Your Radiance

What: Reclaim Your Radiance

When: Saturday, April 29th, 3-5pm

Where: The O Institute
1805 136th Pl NE., Suite 104
Bellevue, WA

Investment: FREE!

Kelila Kasim, D.C., of The O Institute, and I will be leading a free 2-hour workshop to help you be in relationship with your body and boost your self-care.


We’ll touch upon:

  • Simple practices for embodiment,

  • Help nourish you at the cellular level – so you’re radiating good health

  • Guide you through a luscious facial, using a 7-step botanical skin-health line

I’m still surprised when I hear women share how it’s selfish to focus on self-care. Or how it’s more important to take care of others first. This doesn’t necessarily show up in words, but in action.

Come learn and play with us for 2 hours, and let us help you put others first, by putting yourself first.

Details and registration here: http://reclaimradiance429.eventbrite.com

Spots are limited to 8 for individualized attention, so RSVP soon.


I put people first by putting myself first -Laura Hames Franklin

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