What I’m Committed to this Summer and You’re Invited!

What I’m Committed to this Summer and You’re Invited!

If you’ve been in the Pacific Northwest this past winter, I think you’d totally understand how EXCITED and STOKED I am that SUMMER is FINALLY HERE!

Whoof! It’s been a long, dreary, wet winter.

But, as I’m currently typing, the temperature is 31C (90F), and the sun is shining it’s fiery sunshine. I’m feeling pretty ALIVE and INSPIRED right now 😀

Going with the flow of this active energy, timing couldn’t be more perfect in announcing that we’re hosting our BIGGEST Beach Bum Lifestyle Program yet!

Myself and my fellow Beach Bum Lifestyle coaches will be coming together to create an AMAZING Beach Bum Lifestyle experience for our participants this summer. This includes a chance to win weekly prizes for those who participate!

Over $300 of prizes will be offered, and include products from Tiny Devotion, Saje Wellness, Lululemon, and USANA Health Sciences.

I will also be committed in participating 100% in this program, and look forward to sharing my journey.

Beach Bum Lifestyle Program Summer

So, what is the Beach Bum Lifestyle Program about?

First, it’s about celebrating YOU, and making yourself a PRIORITY.

It’s about feeling ALIVE in our bodies, and experiencing body confidence and self-love.

We’ll be promoting plant-based foods, nutrition, summer smoothies, fitness challenges, body confidence, and self-care.

In a world where women are kept small, Beach Bum is about FULLY expressing who you are and showing up for yourself UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

You’re awesome “beach bod” will happen from loving and honouring yourself exactly where you are right now.

We’re just here to support you on the journey (hey, we all need a little love and encouragement!), while helping you to make the best choices for your body so you can THRIVE.


You can get all the details HERE or you can email me any Qs.

We start Friday, July 7th, and I’d LOVE to have you in the group!


Lots of love,

Michelle xo

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