“Show Up” Series – Ep1: Speaking Your Truth with Courage

“Show Up” Series – Ep1: Speaking Your Truth with Courage

Welcome to the FIRST episode of “Show Up” Interview Series!

The purpose of these interviews is to highlight a woman’s journey and share her story. I believe all women have stories to share, no matter how big or small. It’s showing up and being real that help drop the mask, and allow women to collaborate, celebrate and connect with each other.

From here on out, all interviews will be 20-25mins, held on FB Live, so the only option is to be real, regardless of mistakes or wanting things to be perfect! The camera will continue to roll either way 😉

But before that, our FIRST episode is a 40min special interview with Maria Kurylo, former government employee turned full-fledged entrepreneur. Maria shares her experience of how she made the leap, and more importantly, WHY. 

If speaking your truth terrifies you, you’ll want to tune into this special episode.


Maria Kurylo: Speaking Your Truth with Courage

Episode Highlights

Joan of Arc: Voice of Truth
Joan of Arc “Keepers of the Light” deck

02:43 – The perfect oracle card pull!

05:05 – Working with shame, stress

08:02 – Standing for your truth in face of opposition

11:30 – Path from government employee to entrepreneur

  • 13:00 – Intuition: thinking vs. feeling

  • 16:00 – Catalyst to change

  • 16:45 – Silver lining at a job

  • 18:15 – Making the leap

    • 19:00 – Money beliefs in the unknown

  • 20:00 – Deciding not to settle

  • 21:37 – Line in the sand moment of changing the storyline

  • 22:40 – Asking for what you want

  • 23:28 – Divine timing + beginning steps of her current work

  • 25:50 – What are you willing to live with?

  • 29:00 – Doubts + vulnerability

30:20 – Showing up authentically – to show the mess in real-time or not?

31:00 – A reason to NOT share the messy in real-time

32:46 – Avoiding vs. moving through the discomfort

33:20 – Smaller shifts have bigger impacts

34:00 – Doing the work and trusting the nonlinear path 😉

Learn more about Maria and her work at:

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Catch the next episode of “Show Up” on FB Live HERE with Shannon Nicholson – Serefina Firestarter this Thursday, January 11th at 1PM PST/ 4PM EST!

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