Our Philosophy

You may be extremely happy and satisfied at your job, climbing the corporate ladder. Or you may feel like you’re wearing golden (or rusted) handcuffs – convinced you need the perks and the next pay check to keep up with your lifestyle.


When it comes to life goals, most people just “want to be happy”, but if they were on their death bed today, they would have a string of regrets. Regrets on things they didn’t accomplish. Dreams that weren’t fulfilled. They worked too hard. Sacrificed too much. Lost the big picture.

In short, there is a deeper wisdom that many of us are missing. We don’t have to accept our circumstances at face value, and we don’t need to fit ourselves into pre-made boxes that’s expected of us.


We have a lot more choices than we perceive.

And we get to choose how we want to live our path.


Perhaps your path is the corporate path. It drives you. Motivates you.

Gets you out of bed each day pumped to head to work.

Or perhaps, you’re craving a wanderlust life, and just wish you could quit tomorrow and hop on a plane.

Or, maybe you’re not sure what you want yet. You just want things to be different.


Whatever the circumstance, start tuning out the external noises, and start tuning into you.


Pause and feel your heart beat. Listen to her pulse. Begin to tap into her rhythm.


What is she telling you?


When we begin to slow down, connect with our heart, and listen within, we’ll intuitively understand that what life calls of us is so much bigger than feeling stuck at a place we don’t love.


Tapping into your heart, and being courageous enough to listen and follow her — that IS the nonlinear path.

Life is not a straight line. There is no formula. No set of written rules.


Life is an invitation.

An invitation to take risks, and to embrace the uncertainty if we allow it.


The nonlinear path is about living life YOUR way. Whatever way that is.

It’s the path of freedom.

This moment, this breath you’re inhaling…this is it.


This is your life. You are in it.


I invite you to peel off that veil, and start paying attention to the quiet whispers coming from your heart — and start listening in to what she’s saying.

Perhaps she’s inviting you to really listen, and step your toe on the nonlinear path.