Receive a Free Angel Card Reading as You Shake Off Sugar!

Receive a Free Angel Card Reading as You Shake Off Sugar!

I have a very special offer for you!

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At the start of this year, I hosted a 7-Day Shake Off Sugar Challenge with a group of peeps, and participated along as well. The testimonials were amazing:

  • “I’ve noticed the shakes give me more sustained energy than coffee ever did ;)”Jennifer Lucero-Earle, Seattle, WA

  • …and the cravings aren’t that bad anymore. Woo! That was the thing I wanted most and it’s happening.” -J.H., Bellevue, WA

I decided that I wanted to offer this again for January 2018 because there’s something very intentional when we start the new year by treating our body as the sacred temple that she is.


Doing this at the beginning of the year sets an intention for a new wave of good energy.

Photo credit: @melissafrederick


By physically balancing blood sugar levels and stepping off the sugar / carb roller coaster, we’re able to gain more clarity in other areas of our life as well.

It is FREEING when we can come fully in alignment in our body, and not rely on foods as a “pick me up”.

I’ve personally done this program a few times now, and I remember the very first time I did it, I didn’t think I had any sugar / refined carb cravings.

I always imagined that a person who was addicted to sugar would be someone who thought about carbs constantly, had to eat a whole box of cookies, or chips in order to be addicted to sugar.

But that’s not the case. I’m not an ‘eat the whole box’ person, but my habits definitely indicated my affinity to sugar and refined carbs:

It was doing this program that I realized I had ‘sugar habits’ of:

1) Going to the freezer at 9pm every night to enjoy 1-2 sweet cinnamon rolls (they were organic and were whole wheat, was my justification!)

2) Feeling snackish for certain foods around 2-3pm: pita chips, crackers, chips, a little bit of biscotti. Whatever was around to make me feel good and escape from boredom.

Winter perfect smoothie!Doing the 7-Day Challenge was such an eye opener for me. The best part was that I was able to break the habit that wasn’t serving me. I also knew what it FELT like to no longer be attached to the dependency on sweets.

I embodied calmness and peace after the program; and I wanted to keep it that way. After the 7-Days challenge ended, I was also able to experience zero menstrual cramps because the inflammation and cortisol levels were reset back to balance.

Plus, I now know when my body is off kilter. The ability to be clear and present in my body, and be THAT body aware was a gift.


I want to offer you the experience of getting off the sugar / refined carb roller coaster as well.

Your experiences may vary. Perhaps you’ll have better sleep,  have more energy, rely less on coffee, or release any excess weight that’s ready to go.

One of the best parts?

It’s VERY doable.


A participant shared this with me: “Sugar withdrawal is something that kind of made me nervous before the program…[but I’m] still sticking with it! Hard to believe it’s been a week.” -D.M., Renton, WA


Oftentimes, there’s fear around giving up sugar and with it, experiencing withdrawal.  But the benefits far outweigh the fear.

What I love about this program is it’s flexible and not about hard set rules.

I don’t work with strict rules and protocols! And I don’t expect you to either.


Would you like to join us?


You can click HERE to learn more and sign up.


Angel Card Bonus with 7Day Shake Off Sugar Challenge
Photo credit: @Stephanie Packer

It’s not the holidays without a little something special! :)

 I’m offering 2 sweet bonuses should you decide to join us:

1) All participants will receive a snail mail gift from me.

I love receiving surprises in the mail, so I’m spreading the love!

2) Complimentary 45min Angel Card Readings

To support the physical and emotional clarity you’ll receive from this program, I’ll be gifting you a complimentary 45-60min Angel Card Reading with me!

This is a perfect way to launch off 2018.

You might have some questions you’d like more guidance on, or perhaps you’d like to set a powerful intention for 2018. Angel Card readings can provide more insight for you in a gentle, positive way. 

Sign up by Dec 24th, 2017, and you’ll receive both bonuses!

Physically clear what is no longer needed, and your body will receive more clarity from within yourself.

To make sure you receive your shipment in time to participate in the program (flexible start date), please register by Dec 24th, 2017!


You can learn more and register for the 7-Day Shake Off Sugar Challenge HERE.

Got Qs? I’m here. Just reach out 😀

So much love,

Michelle xo

P.S. I pulled an Angel Card to see what message wanted to come through for my readers regarding the 7-Day Challenge, and this card literally jumped out <3

Detoxification Card

P.P.S. If you’re feeling called to ONLY do an Angel Card Reading, I’m giving a special!

I’m offering 11 Angel Card Readings at $28USD where 50% proceeds will go towards charity. Simply message me for Qs or if you’d like to reserve your spot!

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