Reclaiming Our Power

Reclaiming Our Power

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My friend and I were having a conversation one day, and he proceeded to use the word p*ssy to describe another guy.

I interrupted him – “Don’t say p*ssy!“, in which my friend paused, and innocently asked if he should use “v*gina” instead.

Shocked, I answered “NO! Don’t use any women’s body part to describe weakness!!”. 

I was annoyed afterwards.

Using v*gina and p*ssy to describe weakness (WTF!!) is extremely disempowering, and completely INACCURATE.


It leads to so much shame around being a women. 

I admit, it’s my optimism and naïveté, but I never actually thought that when someone used the term ‘p*ssy’ to describe someone as weak, that they were actually referring to a woman’s private bits.

A p*ssy is NOT weak, meak or impotent.  She is powerful, empowered, creates and births babies, and is regenerative.

Afterwards, as I was processing the conversation during a dance class I was taking, it was clear to me that we as women need to reclaim our  power by owning our bodies, and being more embodied.

This means: embracing our sensuality, sexuality, and loving who we are.

Loving our periods, loving our intelligence, loving our v*gina, our legs, our breasts, our cellulite, our hair, our voice, our curves, our brain, our emotions.

All of it.

And not judging other women for their bodies, shapes, sizes, etc.


How does embracing our body and sensuality going to help?Powerful Women

It seems counterintuitive. But it’s not. This is self-love.


No one can have a hold on us, or can successfully put us down when we’re fully confident, and embodied.

When a woman owns her body, her sensuality, her p*ssy, and reclaims all of who she is as POWER, her presence can be felt before she even enters  a room.

Her intuition is strong.

No one can mess with a woman who is confidently in her body and knows her truth.

And no, owning our body is not easy when the media and ad campaigns make women feel inferior and self-conscious about her looks.

The media and objectification of women is how both men and women have gotten away with using the word p*ssy to describe someone as weak.

Unfortunately, it’s culturally acceptable, and needs to change.

Speak up, use our voices, and take a stand.

It’s why  we need to support each other and lift each other up.  It’s why it’s important to not shut out men, but lift them up, too.

We need to respect each other and our differences. It’s our differences that make working together even more powerful.

For the health, vitality of our humanity and planet — the paradigm in how we treat women needs to change.


If this post spoke to you, I recommend reading this book.

With fierce love,

Michelle xo

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