Shake Off Sugar Challenge

7-Day Shake Off Sugar Challenge

 Start anytime between Jan 2-9th, 2018!

Are you a busy professional who likes simplicity and ease?

Are you tired of dieting and ready to make sustainable lifestyle changes?

Are you wishing to break free from carbohydrate cravings in a loving and intentional way?

Then you’re in the right place.

GET READY to ease off sugar/carb cravings in a holistic way, and rebalance your blood sugar levels, without feeling crazy in the process!


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The Shake Off Sugar Challenge provides a bridge back to healthier eating as it helps you get off the sugar roller coaster and curb carbohydrate cravings.

This program is designed to safely, and effectively guide you to reset your body at the cellular level so your body can begin to heal the inflammation from an imbalanced lifestyle. You’ll eat real foods and learn to naturally adopt a healthier and pleasurable lifestyle.

You’ll learn to recognize when your body’s blood sugar is off, and what to do to re-stabilize it. And WHY it’s so crucial to stabilize your blood sugar, and how to do so with ease and pleasure.

No starvation or hunger here!

I’ll also take you a level deeper as we connect back to ourselves and learn to add more joy and pleasure into our lives. Pleasure and joy are essential to our well-being, and we’ll learn why and how to easily do so.

End Results?

  • You’ll recognize how it feels when your body is in balance

  • You’ll learn to listen to your body more

  • Embrace life with more pleasure and why vitamin P is an essential nutrient

  • Learn why counting calories and exercising won’t get you to your end goals

  • Boost your cells with antioxidants and being to repair cellular damage by shifting to a more holistic lifestyle

  • Reduce sugar cravings so you crave healthy foods (really!)

  • Have more energy and feel AMAZING

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What’s Included

  • “Shake Off Sugar” kit* to help you jumpstart your success:

    • Includes 2 daily meals/smoothies, probiotics and AM/PM pharmaceutical grade* supplements during the 7-days

    • All of the items in your kit are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian and taste delicious.

    • You will create your 3rd meal every day that is low-glycemic and balanced (protein, fiber, fat, healthy carbs)

    • Add unlimited amounts of veggies and a serving of fruit as well – no going hungry!

  • Extra smoothies to support you for Day 8 + beyond

  • A fun and helpful 7-Day checklist to help you keep track of your progress

  • 7 Day Sugar Free Meal Plan with accompanying recipes

  • Low-glycemic snacks and grocery lists

  • Additional low-glycemic recipe booklet for more ideas in the kitchen

  • Tasty Smoothie Recipes

    Detoxification Card

  • Email access to me

  • Private Facebook group with health coaches and nutritionist– active group with amazing resources!

  • Sign up by 12/24/18, and receive:

    • BONUS 1: Complimentary Angel Card Reading to set your year off right ($77 value)

    • BONUS 2: A surprise gift in the mail!

*Dairy-Free options available. Please email me for more info: michelle [at] nonlinearpath [dot] com

 Flexible lunch or dinner


If you’re looking for a quick fix, or just wanting to purchase the program to lose a “quick” 4-5lbs, then this isn’t the program for you.


$130.90 USD + tax/shipping

Includes everything.

All products shipped to your front door!

(valued at over $400)


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What people are saying about the program


Shake Off Sugar testimonial

“I was a bit overweight and didn’t feel good about my body image before starting the program. I have lost 5 pounds, my skin has gotten clearer, and I now have more energy!” – Helena, Entrepreneur,  Washington

 “I am holding at about 7 lbs lost, and it seems to be staying off!”  -Ashley, Oregon

 “I was about 8 weeks into another similar program, that was healthy but not optimum. I liked the fact that the products are pharmaceutical grade. They test their products so I trust I’m getting what’s on the label. I don’t believe in weighing so I couldn’t say how much total weight I’ve lost, although I do know I am down at least 9lbs and have dropped several inches in size!” – Sarah, Washington

The program was easy to follow and the food tasted great.” – Lynn, Washington

“OMG so so good! They don’t even taste healthy. :)” -Vikki, Washington

“I was so skeptical that this program would work, but to my surprise, I no longer crave carbs like breads and pastas anymore. This program was easier than I thought, and best of all, I’ve not had to take my optional insulin shots. My favorite are the customized vitamin packets. They keep me compliant!” -M.K., Oregon

“Sugar withdrawal is something that kind of made me nervous before the program…[but I’m] still sticking with it! Hard to believe it’s been a week.” – D.M., Washington

“With the program, I definitely had more energy in the morning. I wanna keep reducing sugar in my life as much as I can. Shakes are great.” – T.A., Washington

“I’ve noticed the shakes give me more sustained energy than coffee ever did ;)” – Jennifer Lucero Earle, Washington.


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