Show Up Series – Ep 2: Serefina Firestarter

Show Up Series – Ep 2: Serefina Firestarter

Were you able to catch us live last week for the “Show Up” interview series with Shannon Nicholson, aka Serefina Firestarter?

I had a blast hosting her for our first FB Live on the series. I had the pleasure of meeting Serefina in an powerful women’s group I was part of this summer. Serefina was the inspiration and ‘director’ behind the black + white jaguar photos I took, and she is one powerful, fierce lady.

I think you’ll be inspired by how she lives her life!

Click on the image below to launch the video.


Interview Highlights

3:15 – Living life on the edge
4:33 – How she is the “bullshit slayer”
6:07- Re-invention
6:52 – Burning  down of her photography business
8:21 – Grief, inner reflections, and the ugly
9:55 – Not giving a f*ck on other people’s judgments
11:38 – Stages of life
13:12 – Dealing with fear and resistance
14:45 – Mouse (animal) medicine
17:36 – Experiencing the edge of gut issues
21:29 – Using experience + challenges to show up for others
23:12 – Resistance and signs from the Universe
24:37 – Learning our lessons + moving on
27:49 – Call pull magic

Check out the interview HERE.

Where to find + learn more about Serefina Firestarter:


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Catch us TODAY January 18th at 11:30AM PST on FB live, as I interview Joyce Tang. Joyce is a smart entrepreneur in her early 20s.  I was blown away by her vision and life philosophy because of a trip she took when she was young. Join us live HERE.

For more conversations like this, join us in the private FB group “Soul-Care Collective“!

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