I did something radical (for me) last week

I did something radical (for me) last week

If you know me, I’m not an early person.

But beginning last week, I made the decision to forgo the snooze button to get up 30mins earlier and ease into my mornings.

(Okay, I did hit the snooze button 1-2x, which is much better then 5x!)

I was so inspired from hearing Mel Robbins speak about the 5s Rule, that I knew I had to change up my morning routine.


I’ve developed a poor morning ritual — hitting the snooze button until I HAD to get up and rush off to work.

It wasn’t until I seriously listened to Mel Robbins talk about morning routines, that I realized what I was doing was perpetuating a bad habit with the snooze button.

This wasn’t serving me in terms of my productivity, energy, or health. (Hitting the snooze button many times actually resets your body’s sleep/wake cycle, which in the long-run, messes with your hormones).

Also, with all the chaos and upheaval lately, especially in the world of politics, and Hollywood,  I found my energy being pulled externally all over the map. I was letting Facebook run my emotions.

Can you relate to any of the above?


So, I wanted to change. I felt a deep longing to be quiet and connect with my own self.

Mornings are delicious times for this, especially right after waking up.

I do have to warm/wake myself up though before sitting down to meditate.

Here’s what I do to warm up:

So, I start with some:

  • Shaking

  • Body tapping

  • A bathroom run

…whatever it takes for me to not crawl back into the warm, comfortable bed! :D.

Also, since it’s pretty dark:

  • I also turn on the lights in an adjacent room, so there’s still some light, but not blinding me.

Instead of my meditation audios that I typically use, and simply sit and let the silence and stillness of the morning fill me.

It’s tempting to meditate in bed (y’know, it’s warm under them blankets!), so I pull my meditation cushion to another area in my bedroom, and pretty much sit on the floor.

What typically has been coming up for me are messages that my body wants me to know — from simple things, like “Drink water – you’re dehydrated”, to an inspired business action – “Share a testimonial from WomanSpeak!”

There is MAGIC to simply being in silence.

Mostly, after spending quiet time with just myself, eyes closed — I feel incredibly grateful to be alive, witnessing the ins and outs of my breath, as I hear the world begin to wake up around me.

I’ve been look forward to this every morning now.

Do you have a morning ritual?

Lots of love,


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The one I held earlier this month was AH-MAZING. Seeing the women share their voices and celebrating each other reminded me why women celebrating other women, and being witnessed, are so important.

You can learn more about the details HERE, and register HERE. Please message me for any questions!

WomanSpeak intro night

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